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Rich Hartness, among other things, is an Old-Time fiddler and finger style guitar player. He currently lives in Greensboro NC with his musical daughter Joanna. Rich plays OT tunes, Rags and duets as a very satisfying avocation with a variety of friends locally as well as all around the US.

Rich will be appearing with the Carolina Night Crawlers at the Dancing Bears festival in Anchorage, AK over Memorial weekend in May of 2006.

Rich will also be teaching Old-Time fiddle and finger style guitar classes at Swannanoa's Old-Time week in late July of 2006.

Rich has appeared on many of his friends' recordings through the years:
Maggie's Fancy:
Carol Mallette: Old & New From the Mountains
Appalachian String Band Music Festival at Clifftop WV
Young Fogies Volume 2
Marvin Gaster: Uncle Henry's Favorites
Palmer and Greg Loux: In Good Company
Gail Gillespie and Friends: Traveling Shoes
Molly Tenenbaum: Instead of a Pony
Bluff Country Gathering: Concert Selections 2000-2004
Mark Simos Originals to be released later in 2006

You may contact Rich by emailing:
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